1# My favourite food @Fleamarket (1st Vote Deprecated)
Evolutionary DAO for listing new pool and connect with real sector.

Are you hungry โ‰๏ธ This is one of the best innovation ever on defi world to deflate our governance token, Here is how we do it.

First, you need to select the pool that you want to list
For first vote starts on block 8444444 and ends on block 8544444, here are pool list. !!! Due to BSC Blocktime has been slipped , We would like to stop voting at flea market on 5:00 Wednesday June 23, 2564 BE Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  • 3 pool => *kUSDC <=> BUSD, Partner pool SCZ <=> BNB AND GOONG <=> BNB *kUSDC is KillSwitch-Pegged MATIC-USDC on BSC CHAIN
  • 3 pool => kETH <=> BTCB, kETH <=> BNB AND kETH <=> ETH
  • 2 pool => loom <=> BNB AND RIGEL <=> BNB
  • 3 pool => kOKT <=> BNB, kHT (Huobi Token) <=> BNB AND kKlaytn <=> BNB
  • 3 pool => WSAFEPAWS <=> BNB , WAFI <=> BNB , **WMPPC <=> BNB **WMPPC use their own wrap standard, if our dev team found out there might be exploit, or we unsure about security issue we will postpose this pool or delisted later.
  • 2 pool => WAD <=> BNB , DOP <=> BNB
Second, you can use your vote 100 Coupon / 1 vote or vote 1000 Coupon
Every 100 coupons that you vote , you will received ***10 Grocery Coupon (ROUND-ZERO) (ERC1155-Standard)
Every 1000 coupons that you vote you will received ****1 Dark Coupon (ERC1155-Standard) !!!! If you want dark coupon you must vote at least 1000 coupon within 1 transaction. Example : 1st case scenario
  • 1st you vote "TOMYAMGOONG" for 800 Coupon you will get 80 Grocery Coupons.
  • 2nd you vote "TOMYAMGOONG" again for 200 Coupon you will get 20 Grocery Coupons.
2nd case scenario
  • 1st you vote "TOMYAMGOONG" for 1000 Coupon you will get 100 Grocery Coupons + 1 Dark Coupon.
3rd case scenario
  • 1st you vote "TOMYAMGOONG" for 2100 Coupon you will get 210 Grocery Coupons + 2 Dark Coupon.
***(1) Grocery Coupons are used to redeem products with partner shops around the world but it will be valid within 3 months, because these grocery coupons depend on the voting round.
***(2) 10 Grocery Coupons will be able to claim limited foodcourt T-Shirt.
***(3) 50 Grocery Coupons will be able to claim limited foodcourt Hoodie. (Didn't expected right ? lol)
***(4) Grocery Coupons will be useful when ILO is coming, It's mean that ILO will coming before Grocery Coupons (Round-ZERO) is expired. !!!! First ILO will be able to use every Grocery Coupons generation (ROUND-ZERO , ROUND-ONE , ROUND-x), no worries if you don't won't to vote any pool for first round.
****(1) Dark Coupon, once you hold a Dark Coupon, 30% discount for northbridge.link when you want to cross from BSC to any destination chains. PS. Dark coupon holder will get discount immediately for new coin listed on northbridge, for an old coin like kMatic will have to wait for northbridge migration for a few days.
****(2) Dark Coupon can use to unlock special theme of foodcourt website Dark-Choco (Dark mode theme) No worries, There will be standard dark-mode that you can use for free if you don't have dark coupon.
****(3) Dark Coupon has no expired date and you can get only during voting event, otherwise you have to trade with someone else.
Third, Just sit, relax and keep cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž Grocery coupon and Dark Coupon will be receive immediately, coupon will be burn instantly. The winning pools will be listed after voted has ended. Multiplier will be adjusted depend on dev team decision, Grocery coupon will be able to use in real world after vote has ended.
PS1. Any pool did not win this round might be listed for next vote. PS2. There will be GOLDEN COUPON in future, stay tuned !!! PS3. Vote result will be fair, our dev team will not vote.

We're open to all shops around the world who want $COUPON please submit your shop.

Food, clothes, shoes or non-violent products are welcome
Any shops, who want to listed as foodcourt partners can submit your application via email
email us at => hello[at]foodcourt.finance
With the following details
  • Shop Name
  • Public Wallet
  • Store Link
  • Social Media Link
  • What can users redeem with Grocery Coupons (and how many coupons needed?)
By the end of each months you can redeem $COUPON from your wallet by $GROCERY COUPON that you received from customers. * Due to price fluctuation , Foodcourt will try to peg $COUPON value as much as we can, if we can't do that we will compensate in term of stable coin like , BUSD or USDT. So there is no downside in term of join us as a partner shop
!!! Attention !!! Foodcourt will not deal with any issues related to law and taxes in your home country regarding cryptocurrency, if you want to cash out, that's your duty, find the way.

In mid future

We're partnering with SouthBridge by KillSwitch, SouthBridge is an e-commerce platform for cryptocurrencies that you can redeem $GROCERY COUPON.
But the due date is not committed since the KillSwitch team is very busy with the main products, but we will create a redeem portal for temporary use in trading and redeem $GROCERY COUPON.
Here are the list of shop around the world that you can redeem our Grocery coupon

Thailand - Bangkok

Redeem ratio might be change, please check partnershop before using.
Example Media from partner shop

Thailand - Khon Kaen

  • You can redeem 5 $GROCERY COUPON for car wash service and also you can redeem Hybrid Japanese Glass Coating (Number of grocery coupon will be depend on car size) https://web.facebook.com/WashFactorykkโ€‹

South Korea - Seoul

Coming soon

United States - New York

Coming Soon

Spain - Madrid

Coming Soon